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Book Cover Coming Soon

In terms of getting this book released, we are definitely entering the third period (how ya like that hockey reference). I'm not sure how deep into the period we are, but it's definitely time when the fans start inching towards the edge of their seats.

This past weekend I had one of the bigger milestones along the way happen. I've decided on a cover artist, concept and have most of the artwork done. We are almost ready to unveil it, and I think you're going to like it.

When I have the final artwork ready I will be releasing it here on for you all to see. What I can tell you is that it sets the mood really well, and draws the eye in. My 15-year old daughter, who happens to be a member of the target audience, saw it and the first thing she said was "that's something I'd pick up at the library or at the bookstore. It makes me want to pick it up and look inside."

I've got to be honest, that sold it for me. When you see it, you'll see what she's talking about. I can't wait to show it, but we aren't quite ready yet. Like the march to the finish line on this project, there's still some steps left to take.

That's it for today. Have an awesome week.

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