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Their dream season became a nightmare.

They'll need each other to finish the game.

Wes Garrett wishes he could play in the state championship football game with his best friends, Craig, Collin, and Josh. An injury cost him his chance at glory with the Boys, but hockey season is just around the corner and there’s no reason that he and the rest of the Eastport High Cannons can’t win all of the trophies their senior year. They’ve waited a long time for this opportunity and nothing can stop The Boys.


    Before the first title banner can be stitched and hung the Cannons begin to stretch at the seams. Success brings more than just glory, and an unexpected event changes everything. Wes, his teammates, and friends are left to cope with an unimaginable grief. Can they band together and accomplish what they’ve wanted since they were little? Do those goals even matter anymore when you’re playing a “Season On the Brink?”


    Inspired by true events, “Season On the Brink” shows that the biggest losses don’t come on the field. But, maybe a team with something bigger than just itself to play for might be able to overcome anything.

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My Story

Rich Maclone has been writing about sports on Cape Cod for more than two decades. An award-winning reporter, Rich's love for the sports and people he covers is evident in his prose. "Season On The Brink" is his debut novel, and inspired by true events. Rich lives next to a cranberry bog in Falmouth, MA, with his wife, Lyra, their two children, and their schnauzer. When he's not working as a reporter, or professional photographer, he can be found at his secret fishing spot scaring the bass away.

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Join me at The Boathouse in Falmouth, MA, on Tuesday, July 2 for my first ever launch party. I cannot wait to get to meet with everyone, sign some books and say "thank you" to the people that have embraced this passion project and turned it into a bit of a hit.

"Season On the Brink" Launch Party


My hometown paper, The Enterprise -- you know, the one I work at -- has written a feature on how "Season On the Brink" came to fruition. Give it a read, Joanne did a great job.


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